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"Readers are leaders," right? So I just ordered a literary mini-haul! These books are designed to help leaders move forward in many different aspects of life. You'd probably find them in the self-help section of your book store. I don't know why, but for whatever reason, that genre sometimes carries a negative connotation. I see it like this: I can't assume people will go out of their way to help me overcome life obstacles if I'm not willing to start the process. I can't justify blaming outside factors for whatever issues I'm dealing with when I have access to their solutions. That's probably related to my perspective on victim mentality and personal responsibility -- but I'll leave that topic for another post.

Let's get into these books! It's more like a list instead of a review because I've only started reading one of them. But there may be an actual review or two in the future!

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book is all about habits. The science behind them, the psychology, the impact they have on our lives, and the how-to instructions on how to change them -- even the most pesky ones. I've only just begun reading this, but the book is serious. I like it! I'm a very detail-oriented person, and Mr. Clear brings them in full force. He highlights how routines can become so ingrained that we can be totally unconscious of the actions we take on a regular basis. It gets deep.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Have you ever heard of the book The Slight Edge? If you haven't, I highly recommend you take a look! I've read it multiple times, and it's almost a "bigger picture" overview of the messages we find in Atomic Habits. The Compound Effect follows the same bent that can probably be summarized in a single sentence: Our entire lives are the sum total of the little individual decisions we make every hour of the day.

Success! The Glenn Bland Method by Glenn Bland

This book has been recommended to me multiple times. I think it centers on what success actually means. Many people (myself included) tend to assume that success equals money and material things, or fame and popularity. But Glenn Bland takes a different approach to defining the word, because it likely means different things to different people. In the book, he highlights seven principles that, if acted upon, will help readers achieve their life goals.

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

I'm not sure if this really qualifies as a self-help book, but I think spiritual growth has a lot to do with personal development, so I'll lump it in all together. This one should be an interesting read! Napoleon Hill is most famous for his book, Think and Grow Rich, which I've also read. If this one is anything like it, I'll probably have to reread it at least three times before I get the whole message. It caught my eye because it's written in the style of an interview with the devil... call my curiosity piqued!

If Satan Can't Steal Your Joy... He Can't Keep Your Goods By Jerry Savelle

Looks like the devil is a hot topic these days! This one came highly suggested by my parents. Fear, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem are issues we've all dealt with and probably will have to deal with again in the future. I've read enough of the Bible to know those feelings are not from God. But that doesn't mean they aren't powerful. I should know! I've had my joy stolen time after time, so it's hopeful to know it doesn't have to be like this always.

Everybody Always by Bob Goff

I was first introduced to Mr. Goff through the audio version of this book. I was so moved by the stories and messages that I knew I had to actually read it to digest it! It's not a New York Times Bestseller for nothing. I believe the themes discussed bring light to the simple acts of daily life. It takes the unspoken limits off of the generally accepted definition of love and brings it to a whole new level that inspires us to truly live like Jesus teaches. It's impossible for me to summarize it here, which could be another indication that I need to read it again!

If you've read any of these titles, or have any more suggestions for me to add to my list, let me know! I love discussing how to get better at life.

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