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Things I Appreciate

Happy Friday! I don’t have as much time as I’d like to devote to writing this post, so I’m gonna have to skip the pretty intro and just dive right into today’s topic. (Life gets a little hectic when you’re working 40 hours a week, trying to develop a real side business, and hustling to re-elect modern history’s best president while volunteering in your community).

Okay! Let’s get into it. There are so many things about life that go unappreciated these days, so I wanted to take a minute and sprinkle some love dust on a few of my favorites.

1) Gender Roles

Listen, I like being a woman. I love the way I was designed; I have no desire to change any aspect of my femininity. And because of my confidence in that, I’m the kind of person who leans in to “traditional” gender roles. Here me when I say this! When I say “traditional”, I mean walking in grace, class, compassion – not slaving over a hot stove preparing to deliver hot food and crying babies so I can please a man. That’s an image I don’t think ever defined ideal standards when it comes to real womanhood.

I can be feminine and driven, feminine and strong, feminine and smart. It’s not an either-or situation, or anything to be ashamed of. I’ll never understand why Ashley Judd was so proud to call herself a “nasty woman.” I don’t know about you, but nasty isn’t a word I used to describe things I like, respect, or want. I've been called “self-hating”, but I think people who demean themselves like Ashley might fit that description a little too well.

2) Fathers in the Family

I hope one thing we can all agree on is that the individual is the most basic part of society. It’s simple; without people, there’d be no communities, culture, or world. I believe the individual person is probably most influenced by their family, or sadly, the lack thereof. I know God designed the family with the father playing a critical role. How do I know? Because God never designs anything that is unnecessary or holds little value.

In all arenas in which men are demeaned and fatherhood belittled, what defines them? Usually chaos and division. Think about the Black Lives Matter movement or modern-day feminism. They only produce drama – more reasons to hate life as it is and adopt victimhood while looking to superficial solutions that put Band-Aids over gaping wounds. The home is where healing begins, and a home isn’t whole if dads aren’t around.

3) Telling the Truth

This should be obvious, but it’s surprisingly not as widely accepted as we think it is. For whatever reason, people get more excited about what tickles their ears than what’s actually right and true. I do it, too. I like being happy! Who doesn’t? But I also know that the feel-good fuzzies won’t get me through life. I want my foundation to be built on truths that don’t change, but there are people out there that see the truth as something flexible, something that can be bent to favor their own desires.

And today’s cancel culture adds fuel to the fire. Now, more than ever, the mob can silence any voice that doesn’t support their truth. You can’t find any dissenting voices on Chrissy Tiegen’s Twitter account. She’s blocked them all. What about Franklin Graham? Social media companies have tried to silence him. Seen a rerun of Gone with the Wind recently? I didn’t think so. The stuff that rubs people the wrong way is disappearing. That's sketchy.


Y’all, I was going to write about two more things I appreciate, but I’m tired! My brain is asleep, but my fingers keep typing, so I know something dumb is about to end up on this page in a minute. Maybe I’ll throw in something extra next week, I don’t know. We’ll see! As always, thanks for reading!



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