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A Letter to the Ladies

Previously published 3/23/19

Dear Friends,

In all of today's confusion - spurred by loud voices and tired virtue-signaling marketing ploys - an uncommon perspective may be what our American society needs to find clarity. There's a thing called truth and it's something that should direct our decisions, our ethics, and our moral compasses. It's absolute; it doesn't change. Unfortunately, the truth often becomes muddled in today's cultural climate, an environment manned by feelings and social justice. In this letter, I hope to introduce some new (or forgotten) ideas that will bring us together, both men and women.

Let me start off by saying this: I'm a woman, and not just because I 'identify' as one. Even if it's not convenient for some, science says that having two X chromosomes makes a person a female. So, yes. I'm a woman. But that fact shouldn't exclude us from contemplating a topic about men. Why? Well...


That should be reason enough, right? … Maybe not.

For the sake of offering a valid opinion, I'll add a few more. I also grew up in a family led by men. I live in a country founded by men. My freedoms are protected by men. Men affect my life and the lives of every other woman. So, even though I can't share a personal experience born out of a man's perspective, I can share my observations on how they are integral to society's progression. As can you, and you should. Because without them, we'd be nowhere.

For the longest time, since human creation, man has played a particular role in family, work, and community. That role was designed specifically for him, no matter how much feminism demands otherwise. As women, we lack the mental and physical capabilities to fill their part. Yep. It's true! But before a triggered hater labels me as a self-loathing, misogynistic, anti-women's rights, quasi-female, let me say this:

Women are vitally important.

Yes, we may have been historically known as the "weaker sex," and although many of us suffer injustices (welcome to humanity), the differences between us and men are exactly what make us equal. We cannot live one without the other. And that doesn't mean that we're the same, because sameness does not imply equality. We are equal because both males and females are essential for the advancement of the world. And here's a prime example, among others: procreation. Our differences make us necessary, and for that reason we should be valued.

Not everyone understands this, and that's probably the biggest reason why new-age feminists are striving to fundamentally warp manhood and femininity.

It's also why apathy, abuse, and assault attack both genders. Unfortunately, vile behavior lives on. It has affected generations past, and will continue long into the future. Crappy stuff happens. Evil exists. Bad people do bad things. But denigrating an entire population of valuable people will not solve the issue. In fact, it only exacerbates it.

Instead of redefining an entire gender, let's encourage the kind of behavior that cultivates strong character. It does exist, despite what you may hear spouted by angry feminists. It just hasn't been developed as much as it should. Try this:

  • Thank the guy who held the door for you. You're important and should be treated with kindness.

  • If you're at home raising your family (major kudos), understand the irreplaceable value you bring!

  • Graciously depend on your husband if he works to provide for you.

  • Let your femininity flourish!

  • If you rule the marketplace, rule it with grace and class. Remember to esteem all your colleagues, not just those who share a bathroom with you.

  • Accept respectful admiration with grace and poise. Why shouldn't he let you know he's interested? Um, hello!

  • Encourage fathers to be fathers. Daughters need them. Sons do, too.

  • Men were born to lead (women, too! Don't forget about Margaret Thatcher, Joan of Arc, and others). Let them! Stand with them, support them. Be their backbone. Behind every great man is an even greater woman - remember that.

  • Humility adorns those who truly seize their own capabilities, intelligence, and skill. Big egos are not becoming.

We can't ignore the fundamental building blocks that create long-lasting societies. Everything about honest humanity isn't "old and outdated". The next time someone tells you that, kindly let their words enter one ear and exit the other. Especially if they're sporting a pink hat of a certain variety.




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