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4 Ways to Get the Bag

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Let’s talk about money. More specifically, ways to earn money.

As a burgeoning young adult trying to figure out exactly what the heck is going on in the world, I’m faced with a ton of responsibilities. Listen – I’m 24. I just moved out to my very own downtown apartment, okay? Life isn’t as peachy as my Instagram portrays. It’s been six months of me juggling grocery budgets, car payments, utility bills, and trying to consistently stack my savings account. And I’ll be the first to admit that I have only the faintest clue of what I’m doing. Until recently, it seemed to be working out. That was, until the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Nobody expected this. And usually, when people don’t expect things to happen, they typically don’t prepare for them. Nearly the whole country just stopped working. So, I lost my dental hygiene job. It was my main source of income. A little scary, yes. But for me, thanks to sage parental advice, I had an emergency fund (somewhat) stocked and ready for the worst. I also had another asset I hadn’t been leveraging as well as I could and decided to ramp that up a bit. All in all, I wasn’t in the worst possible situation.

But there were so many other people who were! It’s easy to let life go by resting in one of the falsest senses of security – a job. A large of number of Americans currently live paycheck to paycheck with nothing left over at the end of the month. And still, I can easily become one of them! It’s not like I have thousands resting my account after the bills are paid. I haven’t yet ascended to the higher echelons of financial independence, people. It’s not a good situation; and unfortunately, so many of us affected don’t know how to change it.

Thank goodness for professionals in the money-making biz. More specifically, money-making professionals who share their valuable knowledge with the rest of us. I’ve adopted a mindset that’s focused on always learning new things. Be it from YouTube videos, podcasts, books, or leadership conferences, I’m a habitual “nugget-finder.” I treat profound tips and tricks like gold nuggets. They are priceless when put into action.

So, let me share some of these “nuggets” with you! In particular, this info comes from Robert Kiyosaki, a business guru/mogul/magnate who retired at the age of 47. I’ve learned lots of helpful, simple information from his collection of books, among others. I recommend that you check them out! My favorites are Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Business of the 21st Century. I didn’t take any economics classes in high school or college (hallelujah), but if I did, would I have been taught the basics on creating personal financial independence? Who knows?

The first thing I learned: There are multiple ways to create income.

1. A Job

When average people think about making money, they (usually) think about making money as an employee. This is the way most Americans create income. We were trained to. Someone smart once told me that our educational system was designed to manufacture employees and soldiers. Yikes. But it makes sense. There's a whole bunch of millionaires who never graduated college. And from what I’ve

noticed, they aren’t employees.

2. A Small Business

When average people think about making money, they (sometimes) think about making money as a self-employed business owner. We all know someone who runs something, whether it's a local

bar, hair salon, dental office, or real estate agency. These people thrive off independence, which is probably their main motivating factor.

3. A Big Business

Out-of-the-box thinkers (usually) break out into the “big business” scene. These folks understand the principles of wealth accumulation. They’re more interested in hiring teams of geniuses and less interested in being the genius. They’re people like Henry Ford, people who don’t fear failure but thrive off it. The word “entrepreneur” was created just for them.

4. A Smart Investment

Commonly identified as the riskiest money-making venture, investments (usually) rub people the wrong way. Which is unfortunate! Hollywood drama and negative assumptions precede investors’ reputations. The ones I know are pretty decent, as I’m sure a majority of others are too. For these people, they prefer money working for them instead of the other way around. “Residual income” or

“passive income” are terms they like to hear.


Knowing about these four methods is great, but what’s even better is knowing you can move between them. I was always taught to have more than one source of income. There’s that sage parental advice coming through again. My dad says it’s a good idea to keep multiple eggs in the basket. A “Plan B”, a “safety net”, or whatever you want to term it. So, since I was 19, I’ve done exactly that.

When the country opens back up for business, I’ll still be firmly anchored in my job, but I’ll be paddling towards self-employment and possibly sailing into the deep waters of investments. Yeah, yeah, I know - that was the cheesiest sentence. But it’s real life! Exploration can be more than just traveling to new places and trying new foods. Isn’t it about challenging the status quo? Coloring outside the lines? I want to be an explorer in every aspect of my life; it’s too easy to settle into a routine that eventually becomes a rut. And avoiding rut-routines takes a lot of intentional action. With that, I’m going to end it here, at the very pointy tip of the iceberg.

If you have any other nuggets you want to leave for me, please drop a comment!


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